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An ~Us Weekly Investigation~

Us Flim Critic: Angelina Jolie "Worth the Millions"

Angelina Jolie commands millions per movie — and she’s worth every penny, according to Us Weekly's film critic.

"Overall, she is worth the millions that she's paid," Thelma Adams says of Jolie, who makes between $12 and $15 million per flick according to the Hollywood Reporter. "She really is a good actress, and one of the sexiest women alive.

"Plus, she's got the kids and Brad Pitt," Adams adds. "She's a triple word score!"

Jolie's animated flick Kung Fu Panda knocked Sex and the City out of first place this weekend, raking in $60 million. Her last film Beowulf, which opened in November, was also No. 1 with $28 million in earnings.

The pregnant-with-twins actress, who just turned 33, hasn't always been box office gold. Her critically acclaimed A Mighty Heart earned a paltry $9 million domestically, and failed to garner her an Oscar nomination.

Adams points out that celebrity doesn't always equal hit movies.

"Look back at the huge amount of attention at the Toronto Film Festival that Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal got," Adams says. "Their movie [Rendition] bombed at the box office. No one saw it."

Still, having Jolie in a movie provides a "certain cache — a little bit more glamour.

"Right now, she could have a cameo in a video and get tons of attention," Adams says.

"Kung Fu Panda would have made a ton of money either way — it was such a huge family film — but it wouldn't have broken a sweat in Cannes except for Angelina on the carpet pregnant with twins," says Adams.

Tell Us: Do you think Angelina Jolie is worth millions?


IDGI, is Us Weekly angling to get pictures of her twins or something? This article is ridiculous.

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