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Roy Orbison's son Orbi posted a rather LOL-tastic blog today. Can you catch all the blatant drug references and make it through the bizarre rambling???
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Monday, June 09, 2008

my birthday and sweden and shit
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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

someone asked me to blog and i haven't blogged in a while and this isn't my normal style, but FUCKIT!


my birthday was a while back and as some of you know i had a party at my house for my buddy beau.... anyways beau's party was fucking awesome ( blood on the walls, sweat dripping down the windows, nakedness, sex, drugs, techno, all the trappings of a good time) for everyone except my neighbors.... the cops came twice and they were fuckin pissed...WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY pissed.... so my birthday was memorial day weekend and rather than talk to my new cop buddies, i elected to keep it low and mums the word kinda deal..... which means i didn't do shit.... like 6 of my closest friends and a nurse and some other girl(s) all watched napoleon dynamite and had malibu yogurt and d'amores pizza.... so basically it was the best b-day EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! put it this way.... i lost weight.....
anyways, i had eye surgery, so i don't wear glasses anymore and healing up from that has been about a month and in that time i have basically done nothing but chill.... and seeing as i am not doin shit right now except writing my book i have taken this time to be with my family and do something that i have wanted to do for sometime... come to sweden for the month of june... it will be midsummer here and i am visiting my brothers house... i have been busy with various bands for the last 10 or 13 summers so now is the time.... my flight ruled.... on virgin you can pick any movie and watch it anytime and i watched movies and chilled and wrote for the journey... it took about 18 or 20 hours to get all the cabs and connections and the most kick ass thing about the trip was that my mom was in london by chance and suprised me at the airport.... my connecting flight was on the other side of the airport( which is a bitch at heathrow) so my mom drove me to the other side of the airport and we had lunch together( sushi and kombucha, my mom rocks!!!!!) it was awesome.... i hadnt seen my mom in a long long time and she got to see that the surgery went well, she worries too much like all moms......... then my brothers lady sofie picked me up in copenhaagen( yay) and drove me back to the east coast of sweden and we shot pool with her cousin and her crazy awwesome friend until 6 am that morning partying... so i was up for like and infinity and loved every minute of it..... it was like 100 times less hectic than one nite touring...

now i'm here in sweden chilling..... the weather has been the best here... sunny everyday.... and it is sunny from 4 in the morning till about 11 at night... yeah, its awesome... i have been walking the beach and into town, swimming in the salt water swimming pool and getting healthy and happy here.... lots of meditation and walking and running and biking and yoga....... the book is coming along nicely and i have been spending quality family time with my bro roy which as we all know... family time is the best time... the fact we even get along is awesome....haha

sooooo.... i'm out here... where the country meets the sea...

annnnnd damon has been myspacing me( omgomgomgogomgomgomgomg) and he is amped on jamming when i get back and so am i!!!! so those of you that have not givin up on rock n roll..... can get your ears blown out sooner or later... haha...

oh yeah, i'm on love..... again...

my brother has a dog named petronella that i can make pee antime!! she's a jack russell terrier and she loves the shit out of me toooo...

peaceout yo'

napoleon dynamite and kip 4 eva



it is kind of sad really :(


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