OH! EYE SEA (oh_eye_sea) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Breaking News: Casey Aldridge is an unpatriotic bastard.

A new report claims that after Jamie Lynn Spears delivers her baby, her boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, plans to join the Army National Guard. Reportedly, the 19-year-old baby daddy has already met several times with an Army recruiter. “Casey wants to enlist in the National Guard after the baby is born. But he's kept his plans secret from Jamie Lynn - and there's no doubt she's going to blow sky high when she finds out,” a close source told the Enquirer, according to a published report written this past week.

“Joining the military has been a dream of Casey's since long before Jamie Lynn came into the
picture,” the Enquirer claims that the source told them. The young couple, whose baby is expected to arrive some time in late June, freshly underwent blood tests in preparation for obtaining a marriage license. Although, Casey and Jamie Lynn have yet to set a date, sources claim that they are talking about tying the knot in August.

And with Zoey 101 star Jamie Lynn's acting career up in the air, Casey believes the National Guard is an excellent career choice. “Joining the National Guard appeals to Casey's sense of adventure and patriotism,” said the close source. “He feels as if joining the Guard would provide him with some stability.” However, the Enquirer report remarks that during the nine weeks of basic training that must take place, Casey will not be allowed to see Jamie Lynn or the baby. Despite this, sources say, “He's motivated by the thought of wearing a uniform and carrying a gun. He just can't get it out of his head.” 

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