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rufus wainwright - me and my travels

I never travel without ...
A kimono. I always have some kind of Japanese drapery to put on so I can feel like some great thespian or composer.

When travelling I always miss ...
My bed. With my boyfriend in it! In a hungover haze I bought a $3,000 mattress. When it arrived I thought I'd been gypped, but it turned out to be the best bed ever. I highly recommend spending a lot of money on a bed; it's very princess and the pea! I don't sleep as well anywhere else.

My idea of paradise is ...
Greece - I'm a big fan of Greece. I went a few years ago and somehow seeing the Corinthian or Doric columns and understanding where all our architecture came from and realising how perfect and pure the original stuff is was fantastic. We went to Athens and Aegina - a little island near Athens - Mykonos, which is a bit of a nightmare, and Delos, the island where Apollo was born. Nobody lives there now, but at one point 30,000 people did and there's this totally destroyed city. It was the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

My favourite hotel is ...
The Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and Claridges in London. What makes a good hotel for me is the fixtures and fittings - the details. I always look at the tiny details.

I always bring back ...
Indigenous, native crafts of whichever country I'm in. I love buying hats and dream catchers and swords. I fall for all that stuff. I like to give gifts so most of the stuff ends up being given away, and my mother tends to steal from me constantly so all the scarves and sunglasses end up at her house.

My most memorable meal was ...
In Iceland. The best meals are the ones where you're invited to people's houses and they cook for you. I recently had that in Iceland, where this guy invited me over and we had this little party. We had this incredible fish soup made from all the crazy fish they have up there. Nothing beats a good fish soup. Thankfully they spared me the rotten seal and other more unusual Icelandic dishes.

My first trip abroad was to ...
Costa Rica as a 12-year-old, with my mother, her boyfriend and my sister. I remember that we got really burnt - we were peeling and covered with blisters; it was when getting burnt by the sun was fashionable - and although we were almost killed by the sun we still had a really good time.

I'll never go back to ....
Toronto. I can't stand it - the place drives me mad. I'm allowed to say this because I'm Canadian. I have friends there, I work there, but I find it really hard to like. I will have to go back there, but I wish I didn't have to. It's trying to be the New York of the Midwest. I much prefer Montreal.

The weirdest place I've ever been recognised was ...
In Montreal, by a Hasidic Jew who loved my music.

In preparation for a trip ...
I sometimes listen to music and watch films about the place I'm going. If I'm in Spain, I'll try to see some Flamenco. I recently went to the opera in New York to see The Gambler - by Prokofiev - not Kenny Rogers! It's based on a Dostoyevsky novel that takes place in the casino in Baden-Baden. The next day I actually had to go to Baden-Baden and I arrived there and that night I went to that very same casino. That was kind of fun.


don't remember seeing this posted!

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