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How Lance beat Owen in the quest for Kate


Some found Kate Hudson’s quick change from reunion relationship with Owen Wilson to new fling with Lance Armstrong shocking, but none more so that Owen himself. Life & Style reports just how the romance switcheroo happened.

“Owen didn’t think things were over with Kate until he heard about Lance,” a pal of Owen’s told the magazine. “It was a startling blow.”

None of it came as a surprise to the cyclist, though. Lance, as the pal assured, set out to win Kate’s heart. “Lance is a smart guy. He figured out the things about Owen that bothered Kate, and he used them to his advantage.”

Having inside information helped, and Lance, who’s been friends with Owen for years, had plenty of that. For instance, Lance knew that Owen liked to keep his private life private, and he knew Kate wasn’t satisfied with keeping their relationship hush hush.

“Kate felt like she and Owen were always hiding,” the insider said. “Lance made it clear to her in the beginning that he wanted to show her off, and Kate like that a lot.”

Lance also knew Owen wasn’t much for romantic trappings, so he showed Kate that he could “wine and dine a lady.” Thanks to that, “he totally won Kate over.”


I don't think this was posted

Lance is a bit dickish

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