Joe (sweetnjoe) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

more news from the most perfect family ever <3

Expectant yummy mummy Gwen Stefani throws on a mesmerizing maxi dress as she drops off son Kingston, 2, at her parents’ house in Orange Country, Calif. on Saturday.

Her parents babysat Kingston for a little bit while Gwen attended a party in Bel Air. Kingston sucked on his pacifier while being pushed around in a stroller by his grandfather, Dennis Stefani.

Gwen’s husband, Gavin Rossdale, recently explained to MTV why he won’t do a duet with his wife and wants to to avoid combining their professional and personal lives. He said, “It’s bad enough with the whole intrusive, paparazzi-celebrity-weird-photo life. I like mystery. The people I care the most about, whether it’s in music or films or art or whatever, I don’t really need to know anything about them. The less I know about them, the better, because then I can just have my own unfiltered image of them, and whatever they do publically, for me, can just work its magic. When we get burdened by people at Starbucks, it just takes away from that mystery.”


I only posted a few pictures, there's a helluva lot more at the source. Plus, I think Gavin should do a duet w/ Gwen, imho. He gave a stupid reason, honestly... and Kingston really shouldn't be on a pacifier anymore (my girl said so =p)... thoughts???
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