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Sam Sparro brings gay Christian disco home to Oz

Soulful Sam Sparro was born in Australia, the son of gospel preacher Chris Falson, but he hasn't performed there in a while as he's been too busy poncing around America with the likes of Mark Ronson - who featured Sparro as guest vocalist at this year's Coachella festival - and very nearly but not quite making it to #1 (damn you, Madonna!) on the UK singles chart.

Well, all that's changing as the sparrow flies home in July for concerts in Melbourne and Sydney. He will be delighting inhabitants of the former penal colony on:

July 11: Miss Libertine, Melbourne
July 16: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

In the meantime, for those who were grooving on Robyn a few posts down, Sparro is playing some UK dates with her this month as well. And for those who thought Robyn probably smelled like sweaty balls, well, Sam Sparro also smells like sweaty balls, but on him it's hot, because it's the fresh, summery sweat of gay Christian passion. Give it a sniff for yourself at the following dates:

June 7: Carling Academy, Birmingham (with Robyn)
June 8: Astoria, London (with Robyn)
June 10: Academy 2, Manchester (with Robyn)
June 11: UEA, Norwich (with Robyn)
June 12: Carling Academy, Bristol (with Robyn)
June 25: Bloomsbury Ballroom, London
June 27: Bowood House, Wiltshire
June 29: Glastonbury Festival
July 4: Wakestock: Abersoch
July 5: Wireless, London
July 26: Long Marston, Global Gathering
Sept 6: Bestival

Of the outfit he purchased for his upcoming Glastonbury appearance Sparro confided to the Guardian newspaper: "All I can say is that it's very colorful and, also, waterproof." Well!

When will Sam Sparro be back in the States again? I don't know! But his album comes out on June 24. And if you haven't the faintest idea who the fuck the man is, here is the video for his recent number one number two UK single, "Black and Gold":

So, that was nice, wasn't it? Nice...for your soul!! Did you suspect that the slinky singer was secretly proselytizing you with the power of booty-bumping rhythms? It's true! Sparro confirms: "It is about God, yeah. I do like to have faith in something that is bigger than me...Mariah Carey." No, he's kidding. He actually means Jesus.

Source: mostly his website and asorted news feeds, and then I also found this weird interview on Youtube which is where I got the Mariah Carey quote.

Oh, also, he doesn't always dress like Fred Astaire.
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