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Lily must be bored... blogging again

I’m in

So, they let me in. Hello America, it's nice to be back. Tis Sunday so I don't really know what Emily and I are going to do today, probably meet up with my Auntie Kai for brunch and then go and buy some shampoo, conditioner and a good hair dryer, and then do my hair. Amazing, eh?

Immigration was funny; they only kept me for an hour or so. I was listening in on one of the immigration officer's conversation with one of her colleagues. She had allergies, she was sneezing a little and someone said, "Bless you". She said she had read somewhere that "in America, we wash more than any of the other countries" she went on " yep, we wash every day, but we have more water than in the other countries, so they don't wash as much as we do". And then the best bit " too clean, that's why we sneeze, because were used to it being so clean, when there's a little dirt or dust we can't take it" and interesting theory I thought, suffice to say the first thing I did when I arrived was have a shower.

It is 5 am, and I am jet lagged to fuck. We did go to my favourite sushi place last night ita-cho on Beverly. The miso eggplant (aubergine) is to die for, and the grilled peppers were pretty killer. "To die for, killer?" Oh my god, I think I am getting old and uncool, I just used naff adjectives to describe something I like. Like my mum saying groovy or yumsville, oh my god I'm going to be sick. I hope that was the jet lag talking.

The flight was lovely , and Emily got an upgrade so thank you to the lovely people at Air New Zealand for being so nice to us, oh yeah they drove us to the gate on one of those buggy things as well , which was really fun , never been on one of those before . I don't think all the business men liked us very much, some pink haired weirdo and Emily causing trouble at the front, ha ha.


grumpy old men

et moi

I'm gonna go to the gym now, laters x x


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