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How the Tabloids Get Their Stories
Irene Zutell, a former People and US Weekly reporter and the author of They're Not Your Friends, spills the nasty tricks.

1. A reporter dated a doctor's receptionist to get info on a pregnant A-List patient - then dumped her when the celeb had her baby!

2. Another reporter posed as a grief counselor at Columbine High School in order to get first-person accounts of the tragedy.

3. Everyone from stars' hairstylists to their nannies can be on tabloid payrolls and get cash for scoop.

Source: Seventeen Magazine (who are you to judge me?!)

The tabloid-reporters-posing-as-friends thing is not a new concept to me, but it's still so creepy. And #2 wasn't really celebrity-related, but man that's wrong. When paparazzi & reporters go bad, they really lose all heart. I saw one paparazzo on a talk show who had no conscience whatsoever. The host was trying to find out where the photographer would draw the line, and asked if a celebrity's child had cancer and the celebrity was walking outside of a hospital w/ the kid after chemo treatments, and the kid was losing their hair, would the photographer take a picture of that, and the guy was like "sure" as if they had just asked him "would you like more pie?" Sick.

This was also in the same magazine... Most of it's pretty self-explanatory, but I just thought I'd share.

If You Meet a Celebrity

DO: Play it cool. Treat him the way you'd act toward an acquaintance you just happened to run into.
DON'T: Scream or grab him. Calmly say, "I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your latest film/CD."

DO: Watch your step near bodyguards. Some (like Justin Timberlake's) have manhandled pushy fans.
DON'T: Take a photo of him solo. Stars are afraid you'll sell it to tabloids, so ask to pose with him, instead.

DO: Ask his assistant where he'll be later. It's usually easier to talk to him in a social place like a club.
DON'T: Approach with a big group of friends. Go up to him alone -- a mob can be too much to handle (so if you happen to be with your friends when you spot the celebrity, I'm sure you can just ask them nicely to back off and let you be the one to get one-on-one time w/ him...yeah, they'll go for that)

Source: Seventeen Magazine
Like I said, most of that is pretty much "no duh" material (DON'T: splash water in a celebrity's face...DON'T: be a jerk...DO: put your manners in), but the last "DO" seems odd to me. I've never really met any celebrities in real life, but I guess a lot of you have. Would an assistant really tell you "yeah, so-and-so will be eating dinner at _______ if you want to go stalk him in his spare time"?
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