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Kendra Wilkinson: Camera Shy?

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Is Kendra camera shy?

The Girls Next Door have been on our television sets for four solid seasons in a row, and fans just can’t get enough of the lovely Playboy bunnies. Recently, we reported that our resident Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner wasn’t up to marrying any of the three women he kept so close to his heart. The reason behind this? Hefner says it’s a personal choice and that he hasn’t had much luck with marriages. Too bad for Holly Madison, then, who has been very vocal about wanting to walk down the aisle with Hefner and eventually have his kids.

Now, another Girl Next Door has surprisingly revealed her issues on being naked in front of the camera.

While some assume that sexy models are confident enough to bare it all for the camera, Kendra Wilkinson cannot say the same thing for herself. In fact, she says that she’s scared of baring it all off.

"I'm really, really self-conscious, believe or not," Kendra told Pop Tarts, FoxNews reports. "I get so nervous and shy. Even though I'm this crazy party girl, taking my clothes off really scares me."

The 22-year-old Playboy model also revealed that Hefner has more energy than any typical 82-year-old. She says that he has so much energy while filming the E! reality series.

"He is always pushing us along when we're tired," Kendra said. Hefner isn't the only one who has a lot of energy. In fact, Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt has been releasing her energy in some odd ways.

"I flip off the trapeze bar and swing up and catch it again. It's really fun and a really intense workout," Bridget revealed. "Trapeze gets the heart rate right up."

Meanwhile, Kristin of E! Online has a treat for eager Girls Next Door fans out there. She reports that the reality series comes back to our television screens come the latter months of the year. She reports, "Look for new episodes of The Girls Next Door to premiere later this year, likely in one of the months that end in ber."

Check back for more updates on Hugh Hefner and the gang in The Girls Next Door.

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