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Skye Sweetnam's (Let's Get Movin) Into Action f. Tim Armstrong Music Video

ARTIST: Skye Sweetnam
VIDEO: (Let's Get Movin') Into Action f. Tim Armstrong
DIRECTOR: Sean Wainsteim
ALBUM: Sound Soldier

Well check out Skye Sweetnam looking all hot in her super spy suit and then all girly girly in fancy dresses and ish! I like this video because it's playful and makes you feel like jumping in a Naughty By Nature sort of way (except there's no instructional chorus telling you to jump).

In this video, Skye and company are moving like spies through the forest as they make their way to a house. Turns out that they're crashing a boring garden party to inject it with a good dose of wreckless fun. This means pies in the face, streamers in the air, singing on megaphones and just the general agitation of the old people at the party. Truly this is the sure fire way to have fun, isn't it? Well, if there's anything to know, it's this: when Skye Sweetnam tells you to get into action, you better do it. And come on, she asked you nicely.

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