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'cause i know how much you guys love eisley.

here are two items posted today on

first up...

Reports are coming in that Adam Lazzara (Taking Back Sunday) was recently married in Austin, TX and that the happy couple is expecting their first child. Congratulations to him and Mischa.



Apparently Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory) and Hayley Williams (Paramore) are dating. We have heard this from several sources already, though are waiting for confirmation from the two if this is true or not. omgomgomgomg* (op's note: omgs are from i would never omg chad gilbert and hayley williams. but hey, to each their own.)


and, of course, no eisley-related post can be complete without input from eisley mom:

Many of you know of the pain that Sherri and Chauntelle have gone through in relationship disasters this past year.
Chauntelle and Adam split one month before their wedding to be, in March.
Well today's events will be talked about on here, but it is not something we like to see, so after I report this event, the thread will be locked, and you will have to go to other blogs, and sites to talk about it. It's already being reported on Absolute Punk.
We will lock any thread that is brought up about this.

Today, Adam Lazzara has married Mischa Vaagen, a local Tyler girl, (we are told), in his backyard, in Tyler, TX. They are expecting their first child in the fall, and our family wishes them no ill will.
Mischa has been an acquaintance of our family for several years, but Adam met her at her job as a bartender, at Dakota's Restaurant, in Tyler.
Again, we wish them no ill will, and many happy years together.

We will not be pulled in, or talk about how this has affected our lives, or Chauntelle's, and we hope that people here will respect this time as we take time to heal.

(source: eisley journal)

tbh, i mock but i do feel a little bit bad. on the other hand, i'm not sure if it's really necessary for eisley mom to mention the girl's full name/location/job.

edited to add: for those confused, a timeline.

- years ago, Sherri (Eisley) dates Jesse (Brand New). old news, but somewhat relevant later.
- sherri dates chad gilbert (NFG) shortly after the above two break up. they get married. divorced last year.
- her sister chauntelle (also in eisley) starts dating adam lazzara (tbs), gets engaged. jesse hates him. there's a feud there. other sister stacy (same) dates zac something (paramore).
- sherri and chad break up, chauntelle/adam's engagement is broken off a month before the wedding (this was earlier this year), stacy/zac split. everyone's single for .2 seconds before playing musical chairs again.
- chad gilbert hooks up with hayley (paramore), adam knocks up and marries some girl, no idea about stacy.
- sherri dates max bemis (say anything), who used to go out with john nolan's ex (tbs/straylight/jesse's butt buddy bff). john's sister michelle used to go out with adam.

i'd also like to note that chad gilbert was featured on max bemis's album singing a song called "you're the wanker if anyone is"
Tags: marriage, paramore / hayley williams
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