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Producer impressed by Lohan’s work ethic

Lindsay Lohan almost didn't get the chance to change her life with a new movie, which starts shooting Monday.

"Labor Pains" producer Rick Schwartz kept getting turned down by insurers, an informed source tells us.

"[Schwartz] could only find one insurance company to cover her, and even then he really had to vouch for her."

As Carrie Fisher wrote in "Postcards From the Edge," actors with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, to which Lohan has admitted, have difficulty getting film insurance. Lohan is still on probation for two DUI arrests last year.

"Labor Pains" is just the sort of romantic comedy that could turn the talented 21-year-old beauty's career around.

According to the screenplay we’ve obtained, Lohan plays a young woman who pretends to be pregnant so she doesn’t get fired. She thrives on the attention she’s getting despite “carrying a volleyball around on her stomach.” We don’t want to be spoilers, but the script is hilarious.

The movie will be made whether or not there’s an actors strike, since the union gave Schwartz a waiver, Variety reported.

“Lindsay is a tremendously talented actress,” said Plum Pictures’ Celine Rattray, who’s co-producing the film. “We have spent a lot of time with her over the last three months, and she has really impressed us with her work ethic.

“She comes to every meeting 15 minutes early
, to the point where she has shown up a few times before we were ready for her. She is rehearsing every day with energy and focus. She is lovely to her co-stars and the crew.

“We got her insured in the film, and our insurance and bond reps have also been impressed with her good behavior.

“Whatever personal issues she may have had in the past, it is clear to me that work is her total priority.

“She wants to make this role and this film a success, and I truly believe in her.”

Concludes our source: “It’s definitely the kind of movie people want to see Lindsay in, not like ‘I Know Who Killed Me.’”

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