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Mel B interview

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Mel B (Scary Spice) was recently interviewed by GMTV:

GM: First of all...Leeds or L.A?

M: Leeds will always be my home and I love it but I've lived in L.A for six years now and I can see myself always being there! The sun always shines, I'm very successful there and my kids are really happy. I definitely won't be moving back home any time soon. I've got too much on! I've just signed a deal with VH1 for my clothing range, I'm doing tons of presenting over there and meeting really interesting people, so I'd be crazy to leave now!

GM: Would you say your success on Dancing With the Stars was the start of your American fame?

Yeah, that was the first big thing I did out there and the reaction I got was fantastic! I had a lot fun doing that.

GM: And we've heard you've been working with Janet Jackson...

Yep, well I'm 10 songs into my album and she worked with me on one of the tracks. I'm also doing a tour of America with her in September, which I can't wait for. She's a great lady.

GM: Are you missing your fellow Spice Girls now the tour has finished?

It's been six months now since the tour ended and people are still talking about it! I don't have chance to miss the girls because we're constantly texting and talking on the phone. We'll always be close, no matter what happens. But we've all said separately that we'll never get back together now. That's it for The Spice Girls. The tour was the perfect way to thank the fans and say goodbye.

GM: You've now entered the lingerie modelling world - you look fantastic! Please tell us your whole life isn't diets and exercise!

No way! Well, I don't agree with diets - they don't work! I'm lucky because I like healthy food and I don't have a sweet tooth. Everything in moderation! I just work out twice a week with a really effective fat burning exercise plan and that works for me. I'm bringing out a fitness video later in the year, so look out for that.

GM: How are you celebrating your anniversary? Have you got the night off tonight?

I finish work at about 3pm today and I think Stephen is planning a surprise. We've got the whole night free, so it should be nice. He's not a fan of London though! He hates the weather and he's not a big fan of the people.

GM: Have you taken him up north yet?

No, I haven't had the chance! I will soon though. He's met my mum lots of times - she always comes to London whenever I'm back over here.

GM: Would you say that, in this point in your life, you're happier than ever?

I'm always happy! I don't have 'down times'. I've been upbeat since I was 13!

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