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Victoria Gotti LAWSUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HarperCollins sues Victoria Gotti for advance on unwritten book.

Gangland celebrity Victoria Gotti collected a $70,000 book advance but welshed on her promise to write a memoir, her publisher claims.

Now HarperCollins Publishers is suing the daughter of late Gambino boss John (Dapper Don) Gotti for the money.

The publisher charged Victoria Gotti signed a contract in 2005 for two books, including an untitled memoir for which she was supposed to submit a manuscript by September of that year.

The suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court says Gotti twice delivered an outline of the book, but both were rejected as "unacceptable" because they "were not capable of producing a complete manuscript."

Gotti has written several books and starred with her three sons in the reality television show "Growing Up Gotti."

She notified HarperCollins she was terminating the memoir contract in September.

Her literary agent, Frank Weiman, says not to worry - he'll get another deal for his client and then she'll return the advance.

Weiman said Gotti made her book deal with former publishing heavyweight Judith Regan. He said Regan and other editors Gotti dealt with left HarperCollins and that was why she canceled.

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