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drop that zero and get with a hero bb

Look who David Cook is taking out to the ball game.

The American Idol winner caught a game at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday with season two contestant Kimberly Caldwell, who was singing the national anthem.

Cook and Caldwell appeared to be trying to keep their relationship under wraps, but there was no denying to eyewitnesses that they were an item. Instead of taking the standard field-level seats awarded to anthem singers, Caldwell joined Cook in an exclusive dugout seat out of sight of the big-screen cameras.

“They were all cute and cuddly,” an eyewitness tells E! News. “They definitely looked like a couple. But they were acting like they wanted to keep it low-key.”

Cook and Caldwell stayed for the game and cheered on the Dodgers against the Colorado Rockies.

“Apparently Cook is a big Dodgers fan,” a source tells E! News. “He just wanted to enjoy the game with his girl.”

But going out with American Idol’s winner is not something that can be kept a secret for long.

“They were mobbed when they left,” a source close to Caldwell tells us.

Caldwell, who met Cook while she was covering the reality show for TV Guide, is just getting to know him better outside of the show, a source close to Caldwell revealed.

“They have been out a few times,” says the source. “Kimberly thinks he’s a great guy and a great talent.“

Yeah, his great talent for giving you a publicity boost big enough to get you out of the county fair circuit. Girlfriend needs a new wig, too.

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