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David Cook: I'm No Sex Symbol!

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He's the new American Idol, but don't call David Cook a sex symbol!

Although throngs of girls have been fanning themselves over the 25-year-old during the show's run, the singer says that's not what he wants out of his newfound fame.

“It’s nice and flattering for people to say, but I want to be more than just that," the modest rocker tells OK!. "I want to be an artist. You hear stories about groupies in hotels. I don’t want to get caught up in that.”

Certainly, AI alum Kimberly Caldwell, 26, would approve of David's approach. The two recently went out on date after the Idol champ asked the season two contestant out live on television on her show Idol Tonight. And while they were totally in tune, don’t expect a permanent duet.

“We had a good time,” he says. “If schedules warrant it, we may hang out again.”

With the AI tour coming up — starting July 1 — David will have very little time for dating, much less working out! The Blue Springs, Mo. native dropped 15 pounds over the run of the show.

“I cut out drinking and eating the foods I shouldn’t have been eating,” he explains.

But David admits he’s still a little soft around the middle: “That’s where the work comes in!”


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