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T2 update: Next Location and New bots info

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Michael Bay's official website posted a logo for the current official title of the movie.

the call sheet from Bethlehem has been revealed. It reveals the first scenes, the next location and a new cast member.

From the sheet, the movie is given the code title of E7². From the comments,
around the Bethlehem base camp there where "E7" signs which apparently are reused at each location. The shoot is scheduled to go 84 days, not including days off or the built-in hiatus.

Bethlehem Steel's Role
Based on the scene descriptions, the role of the factory is a Shanghai, China steel factory. The scenes describe action and vehicle chases occurring along a "Shanghai Steel Yard" and "Shanghai Side Street". The scene is the Autobots, SAS and Lennox's team chasing after Decepticon Audi R8. What the air attacks are about is not on the call sheets but I imagine they are Decepticons.

Also the Sands Bethworks, a casino on the otherside of the steel factory, was used for an exterior shot of Bumblebee and the Ice Cream truck for below describe next stop in Transformers II filming.

Bethlehem Steel Human Cast
The cast at Bethlehem Steel was Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Matthew Marsden and Andrew Howard. Josh and Tyrese was already confirmed.The news of Marsden's casting as SAS Graham was just out this week, didn't know he had already started shooting.

A new addition is Ramon Rodriguez
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(The Wire) who was cast as "Leo" and based on being number five on the call sheet, I am guessing he is Spike's college roommate.

Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox did not film at the site. The call sheet has multiple gaps in the cast numbering which simply suggests that are more principle cast members, its just they didn't work on the scenes on the sheet. It appears the first 12 numbers in the count represents the "core" cast for the movie. One is Shia LaBeouf, 2 is Megan Fox, 3 is Josh Duhamel, 8 is Tyrese Gibson, and 12 is Matthew Marsden. Of note is the gap for 4 (John Turturro), 6 and 7 (one of them is Jon Voight) and 9 - 11. Could some of those be the rumored casting of Nina Dobrev or Aaron Hill?

Vehicles Used
As far as vehicles used the three wheeled motorcycles, an Ice Cream Truck, Bumblebee (not in Shanghai), Ironhide, 3 NEST Hummers, 2 Trikes (for kids I think), Go-Kart, 10 Shanghai dressed police vehicles, Audi R8 and a NEST semi. Also a Chinese Police helicopter and 2 Blackhawks all equipped with spotlights.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
Production's location is the Smithsonian Air and Space Muesum. The schedule is June 5 to Sunday June 6. The cast will include Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, John Turturro and Ramon Rodriguez. Based on the scenes it appears they are hunting for something Decepticon related at the museum after hours involving the SR-71 Blackbird (with a Decepticon insignia) that is there.

There is also a mention of "Splinter". I am not sure if that is a TF or an Autobot artifact for the film. As someone in the comments noted, this could be the piece of the All Spark that Prime removed from Megatron at the end of the movie.

Known Transformers at the sites was Ironhide and Bumblebee (at the Smithsonian). Additional NEW Transformers from what I can tell is Arcee (the motorcycles), The Twins (the Ice Cream Truck), Stinger (a Porsche I think), unknown Decepticon (Audi R, Wheels or Wheelbot (the Go-Kart?), Jetfire (the Blackbird) and a "Constructicon Earth Mover".

The rumors have been around for a while that the Constructicons and therefore Devastator could appear in this movie. Considering a theme of merging Transformers, this seems to be confirmation of that rumor.

A final note is that for the first movie Bay did use placeholder names for some of the TF cast until a final determination was made. However in pretty much all of them the names became final. The only exception was Devastator instead of Brawl.

Locations: Shanghai, China and the Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC
New Transformers: Arcee, The Twins, Stinger, unknown Decepticon Audi R8, Wheels, Jetfire, and Constructicons
Alt Modes: Motorcycles, Ice Cream truck, Blackbird, Audi R8, Go-Kart, and earth mover
New Human Cast: Ramon Rodriguez (Leo)

View the call sheet

/FILM has a more detailed version of whats above, the order and when/how the new Transformers appear

Want to find out more about the Transformers 2 scene Michael Bay is shooting at Bethlehem Steel? Or how about the shoot scheduled at the Smithsonian? We have all the details.

Go here

Many updates over at Transformers Live Blogspot
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