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David Archuleta Post!!!

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David Archuleta Cameo in "High School Musical 3"?
If Disney gets its way, Zac Efron won’t be the only heart-throb at East High when High School Musical 3 hits the big screen in October. The studio is in a backstage battle with American Idol in hopes of casting Archuleta in a small cameo appearance in Musical. Here’s where things get dicey; Idol practically owns the seventeen year old singer until he completes his run on this Summer’s Idols Live Tour. Per an ironclad contract, former Idol contestants are prohibited from participating in anything “un-Idol” until the September after the show’s May finale.

It’ll be a tough fight…..but insiders say the tricky deal just might be worked out because Disney, Fox and Cowell recognize the fantastic cross-promotion that could generate Big Buck$$, The National Enquirer reports. SOURCE

Archie >>>> Zefron
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