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A list awards

OK, well, we don't want to give too much away, but HERE'S a little taste of the, er, craziness that occurred last night at Bravo's A-List Awards. Honestly, no words are necessary.

Last night Bravo held its first ever A-List Awards, and what a night it was. Hosted by the hilarious Kathy Griffin, Bravo celebrated the best in food, fashion, design, beauty, and pop culture. We won't give away too many of the details now, but let's just say there was unexpected kissing and nakedness on stage, and we'll leave it at that!

PS: I went with a friend I was part of the "casted audience" srsly guys it was kinda boring after a while, I think it'll be cute on tv, but after an hour we were like, we're hungry lets bounce. I was there for the Lauren Hutton part though, she coulda just said thank you but NOOO she had to play her self.

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