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Lauren Conrad --- The Most Believable Hair Extensions

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This just in: The Hills is not as real as you think it is.

As if!, you say? Stay with me.

During a recent phone chat about hair extensions with Kristin Ess, a hairstylist at Warren-Tricomi in Los Angeles, we talked about how faux hair became so popular over the last two years, and then suffered a backlash.

"Hair extensions definitely lost their appeal for a while because they were so cumbersome," says Ess. But now that she's discovered a line of Norwegian ones so obscure she wasn't even sure of the name, she's rekindled our love for clip-on hair.

Guess what? Ess's longtime client, Lauren Conrad—whose long, sexy hair I worship shamlessly—is reportedly addicted to these puppies.

"Lauren was having problems with her old extensions because they were so bulky," Ess says. "It was hard to do updos or tight ponytails without seeing the ridge."

According to Ess, LC's hair lies flat and stays put with the help of medical tape. While I was initially creeped out by this concept, I got over it when she told me that these extensions:

a) Take only an hour and a half to put in (as opposed to the four hours it takes to apply other varieties)
b) Stay in for about two months
c) Never get stringy like some extensions do.

I'm sure Kristin will soon have to reveal her Norwegian source once word spreads about these coveted extensions, but if you're craving LC's California-girl hair, live in the L.A. area, or have the bank to book a quickie flight, I'd swing by Kristin's chair.

Source: http://www.allure.com/beauty/blogs/reporter/2008/06/the-most-believ.html
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