Jess (notmyself43) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Jason Mraz Reads His Myspace Comments

Jason Mraz responded to a fan's comment on his last myspace blog

America, The Home Game

Stolen from a Myspace Comment:

"Boo for you being a celebrity plugging your polilitical opinions. I like you cause you can sing (and play instruments and write songs and dance and be awesome etc etc), not cause you can vote. Don't turn all typical celebrity and ruin your fanbase that you've had since the beginning not just since you have progressively gotten more famous."

It is comments like these that make me sad, first because of all the spelling errors. And second, because some people assume songwriters shouldn't have an opinion. But in my opinion, songwriting IS opinion. I don't sing songs about politics, but I AM an American citizen and I look forward to casting my one vote, just like you. I don't ask people to support MY choice. I just hope people HAVE a choice and exercise it in November.

How would you feel if I waltzed into TGIFriday's where you worked and suggested you not wear all that flair and promotion? I wish you would just serve the shitty franchised food and not have an opinion. Save the political commentary for Ruby Tuesdays. In here it's Friday.

Fuck you. I'm voting. It's my right.


The best part is that the girl is responding to pretty much every comment left on this blog now.  Girl needs a life.
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