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Minogue's duet track axed from Coldplay cause it was too sexy, lawlz

Aussie pop princess Kylie Minogue's track with the lads from Coldplay has been cut from their new album - because it is too sexy. Minogue recorded a track with them last month, but it did not make the final cut for Viva La Vida, as Chris Martin revealed that it was too saucy to be put in along with the rest of their beautiful, but serious songs.

"At this point we cannot be that sexy," the Sun quoted Chris as saying of the track with Kylie. "It's a song called Luna and Kylie is particularly brilliant on it," he said. Martin further added that the naughty number will be a part of the next album that they will be releasing in 2009.

"It will be on a record we will put out in 2009, some time at the end of next year. It will be track nine, I imagine," he added. According to the Coldplay front man, track ten will be Life In Technicolor, the vocal version of a dazzling instrumental on Viva La Vida. "It will neatly wrap up things for the end of the decade - then I don't know what we'll do," he stated.

On the launch of Q Radio last night, Martin went on to play a bit of the vocal version of Life In Technicolor. On his views about his new Aussie musical partner, Martin is very pleased to be working with her. "She writes most of our stuff - and we design most of her outfits," he said.

I want the new Coldplay album out now, hurry up June 17th. Nevermind I got the leaked album, it rocks!

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