Minnie From Trinidad (pink_elephant89) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Minnie From Trinidad

Get eyes just like Kim Kardashian! (haha, you wish)

from Kimmy's official website:

Many of you have asked me about makeup tips. Today let's talk lashes & brows...

Ruby asks:
Kim, do you where eye lash extensions? I am so amazed by how long and perfect your eye lashes always appear... not to mention that both your sisters and mom also have the same perfect look.

No, I do not wear eyelash extensions, Ruby. But just started using an eyelash grower called Revitalash. It's amazing! It makes your eyelashes grow soooo much!

Kim [another Kim, not me!] says:
Kim....You, your mom and your sisters eyelashes are ALWAYS beautiful. I wanted to know what brand you use or where do you guys get them done?

We wear a company called Red Cherry, but Khloe never wears them. Kourtney, my mom and I only wear them out at night to events or parties. We have very long eye lashes to start with and the trick is to use two different kinds of mascara and really take your time putting it on!

Mla says:
Hi Kim! Thanx for giving us your makeup regimen! We really appreciated this, but I wanted to know the color you use on your eyebrows. They always look so perfect! Do u use pencil or what!? Thanx again and stay nice and cool! Your fan!

I use a MAC brown eyeshadow to fill them in a little bit. It's called "walnut." It works really well for me. If I need to fill in some more, I use the MAC eyebrow pencil called "lingering."

I just wanted an excuse to post the pic, tbh. Seriously, Kim is Princess J if she was a human. Fucking gorgeous.


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