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Gossip Girl Spoilers, Script Sides, & New Cast Members

Spoilers have emerged from the first Hamptons-based episode of The CW's delicious teen soap "Gossip Girl" which kicks off its sophomore year on September 1. The episode featuring a shirtless shot of Chace Crawford's character Nate in his underwear will be filled with steamy, but secretive summer sex.

Nathaniel Archibald turns into a boy toy as he begins a secret affair with a married older woman named Catherine Mason. But as the couple get together for yet another hot appointment of afternoon sex, Catherine panics at the sound of her husband's car pulling into driveway.

Meanwhile, Dan (Penn Badgley) gets a little make-out action of his own as he seduces a beautiful girl at the library where he assists Sebastian Harris, a man described by the writers as a "literary lion." But the apprenticeship comes to an abrupt end, when Dan lets Sebastian down.

The season premiere episode will begin shooting in New York later this month


CHUCK: Girls, you don't know how thankful I am to have finally found a use for geometry in daily life.

Suddenly, sand is kicked in Chuck's face by a passing Serena. The girls immediately brush it off him. Serena walking. As the beauties start to doff their bikini tops:

BRAZILIAN BEAUTY: Oh, Mr. Chuck, we can work on our tans here, yes?

CHUCK: (smiling) Oh yes.

Suddenly, Chuck's phone dings. He picks it up. We SEE it's a GOSSIP GIRL blast with a photo of Blair. Chuck reads it, and his face falls.

GG (voice over V.O.)
Spotted: Blair Waldorf at CDG, claiming her premiere space in L'Espace Premiere a whole week early. Now what could make Queen B abandon her two dads and come home one minute before Labor Day? I have a million questions, but I bet Chuck Bass is the answer to all of them...

BRAZILIAN BEAUTY: Mr. Chuck, is there something you need care taking of?

Chuck pockets his phone (all thoughts of Blair) with:

CHUCK: The only thing I need to take car of is you. And you... And you.

As the girls coo and titter, we find Serena, sitting a little further up the beach, staring out at the sea.

GG (V.O.)
Also spotted: Serena van der Woodsen on Cooper's Beach, plus none. Despite rumors of an Archibald on her arm, it seems everyone's favorite (reformed) party girl is shockingly single and scandal-free.


A HOT LIFEGUARD crosses to her, tentative and nervous.

HOT LIFEGUARD: Serena, right?

SERENA (smiling) Yes. Hi.

HOT LIFEGUARD: I've been watching you all summer, just trying to get up the nerve to ask you out.

SERENA: I'm flattered,really, but... I'm sort of seeing someone.

HOT LIFEGUARD: I'm sorry. I usually see you here alone.

SERENA: Right. Well... truth is, I used to be seeing someone. And even after spending the entire summer, here, alone, I'm not really ready to think about anyone else.

HOT LIFEGUARD: (nods) At least I gave it a shot.

SERENA: Yeah. And... and thanks.

As he leaves, leaving Serena alone to watch the sunset...

GG (V.O.) Wonder what S will do when she finds out Lonely Boy's not so lonely anymore...?

-another scene picks up I assume it is NATE in his boxers-

...where he's almost run over by a Camaro that skids to a stop right in front of him. It is the Hot Lifeguard's Camaro, with Serena in the passenger seat.


In the harsh glare of the headlights Serena sees ____ clad only in his boxers, clothes balled up in his hands. He sees her see him and then... runs off into the night.

HOT LIFEGUARD: I coulda killed that guy. What the hell's his deal?



Catherine Mason
Late 30s-40. Gorgeous model turned Upper East Side wife. A stunning woman who knows exactly how to use her sexuality to manipulate every situation. She does not let the often lonely life of an Upper East Side wife keep her from anything (and anyone) she wants. Guest Star;

Marcus Beaton
18-22. A handsome, British young man with a royal upbringing. Mysterious, smart, charming, and affable. A British accent. Guest Star;

Sebastian Harris
40s. Renowned author and literary lion. A voluble, commanding presence. Charming and sexy a la Hemingway or Norman Mailer. Guest Star;
sources: 1, 2, and 3.
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