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Trek News

Faran Tahir's Star Trek character is to be heroic.

As reported by UGO, Tahir gave a little bit of information about his ship and character, while trying to maintain the usual secrecy of this project. "My character is a Captain of a Federation Ship," he said. "I don't know why they chose me to play a human. It's a ship that hasn't been seen before. But beyond that, they want us to keep it all kind of hush-hush. All I can say is that it's a heroic character, it's a good guy. Because it's a known story, we want to keep as much unrevealed as possible so that the experience happens while you're in the theater."

Tahir is enthusiastic about the movie and about J.J. Abrams. "J.J. (Abrams) I think is a perfect choice to bring back 'Star Trek' because he understands the genre. I think the greatest thing he's doing is he knows there's a spirit that's essential to any 'Star Trek' story and he adheres to that."

Chris Pine was normal and unpretentious, according to Tahir. "I ran into him a couple of times, off-set and he's such a normal guy, and it took me a minute to realize, "'Oh, that's Chris Pine. He's playing Captain Kirk." He's that normal."

On their work on the set, Tahir said, "My work with him was just kind of in the passing, and you will know why when you see the movie. You'll go 'Ah-ha! That's what's going on.'"

Make it SOurce.
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