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Audrina Patridge: Heidi Montag "Shouldn't Get Married Right Away"

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Twenty-one-year-old Heidi Montag recently told Us she's ready to walk down the aisle with Spencer Pratt, but pal Audrina Patridge says she may want to reconsider.

"I think she's still young, and I just feel like she shouldn't get married right away," Patridge, 23, told Usmagazine.com at the Dodge Challenger Celebrity Drag Race in Rosamond, California, on Tuesday. "They should be together and see if they can actually live together for a year without fighting.

"Once you are married," Patridge added, "you're married."

She said her summer has been busy "filming the fourth season of the show."

Does she ever get tired of the cameras tracking her every move?

"I've kind of just accepted it, but there is a point where I want to get back into my private life and get into acting more," said Patridge, who is currently shooting her first movie.

Us also caught up with the reality star at the Nylon/MySpace School of Rock bash in L.A. the same day.

Asked if she's still buds with Lauren Conrad, she replied, "Ummm....yeah."

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