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Beatle Talk Podcast Interviews British Photographer Ian Wright, Who Photographed the Beatles during Beatlemania in the Northeast of England

Ian Wright began his career as a photographer as a teenager working for The Northern Echo, a newspaper in the Northeast of England. Through this job, he was granted access to all the up and coming rock groups in the 60s including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Animals and The Dave Clark Five.

He has compiled his photos (many never before seen) in a new book called "On the Brink of Fame: Pop Stars in the Swinging '60s".

Ian went on to an illustrious career working for The Sunday Times in London photographing the Royal Family (including the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana), film stars, celebrities and politicians.

Ian Wright shares his memories of photographing The Beatles back in the '60s with host, Trina Yannicos of Daytrippin's Beatle Talk. Listen to her exclusive interview with Ian Wright to hear how:

• Ringo was a big tipper

• John had a sentimental side

• Paul fancied photography

• George was a multi-tasker

For more information on Ian Wright, visit

Ian will be appearing with Spencer Davis at the 2008 Las Vegas Fest for Beatles Fans from June 29 to July 1.

Source (and to listen to the podcast): here

Ok so, the facts in themselves aren't exactly new and exciting, but I'm sure he elaborates in the podcast.
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