resin (resin) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Moby confronts noisy neighbor - who turns out to be Jack White

MOBY was shocked when he confronted a noisy neighbour in a London hotel
and discovered it to be rock pal JACK WHITE.
GO hitmaker Moby checked into to his exclusive room in the British
capital on Wednesday (22JUN05) night after travelling by Eurostar
direct from Paris, France.
But the singer was disturbed to have his peace disrupted by loud
music pounding from the next room.
He explains on his website, "I got settled in and then suddenly my
walls started shaking because my neighbour was listening to the new
White Stripes CD very, very loud.
"I wasn't particularly perturbed, as it was only 11:30, but it's
still a little bit intrusive when your walls are vibrating because your
neighbour is listening to very loud music.
"Now, here's the funny part, it turns out that my neighbour is Jack
White and he was listening to his own CD (which makes sense to me, as
it's a good record). And the walls of this hotel are fairly thin, so I
guess he wasn't listening at deafening, ear-splitting levels."
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