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entertainment weekly readers give us their favorite cheesy ballads

Journey's ''Don't Stop Believing.'' The most shameful part is that it's on my ''Super Duper Motivation'' playlist for the days I need inspiration to finish a run. —Karen

Clearly, there can only be one choice, by the Undisputed Velveeta Kings of Cheesy/Good: ''Open Arms'' by Journey. You all know when Steve Perry (pictured) kicks in to the chorus with the ''And now I turrrrrrrrrnnnn to youuuuuuuuuu.......with oooooooooopen arms.....,'' you choke up a little!!! In fact, if you don't, you might actually be lacking a soul. You should really look into that. —Hutchy

Are you kidding me? ''Glory of Love,'' by Peter Cetera (inset). From the Karate Kid II soundtrack? Holy crap, man. What a crappy, amazing, lovely, terrible, unforgettable song. We're all going to hell. —Kelly

''Could've Been'' by Tiffany (pictured, left) came out my sophomore year in high school right after the first ''love of my life'' and I parted ways. Between being a hormonal, overly emotional teen and that song, I still contend that Kleenex owes some of their profits that year to me. —Sara Lee

I remember once upon a time that I was convinced that I would have ''Lost in Your Eyes'' by Debbie Gibson played as my wedding song (it's actually now going to be ''Come What May'' from Moulin Rouge). —Auriana

''Somewhere in the Night'' by Barry Manilow. Pure romantic cheese. ''We'll just go on burning bright, somewhere in the night.'' I love it. So shoot me. —Liz

''Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without taking...'' I HATE that this song moves me. I hate that I ever heard it. —Mk

''Weekend In New England'' by Barry Manilow (''When will our eyes meeeeeet...)'' —King of Sap

''Somewhere Out There,'' by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram, from An American Tail. I will admit that I love this song. I will not, however, admit that I have ever gotten choked up listening to it. I mean, you'd have to be some kind of completely pathetic total sap to be getting all teary-eyed about a song about a little mouse who's lost and can't find his family, and his sister who still believes he's alive and...and...*sniff*. —daisyj

Okay, so I'm being forced to listen to ''office rock'' in my cubicle and a song came on that I can't believe no one has mentioned. Think back to high school prom, 1987: Madonna, ''Crazy for You.'' —Hutchy

''Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman'' by Bryan Adams. I honestly don't know why everyone makes fun of him. —Gillian

''Everything I dooooo...(ooohh yeah) I do it for YOUUUUUUU.'' —Cranky

All you '90s kids out there know you slow-danced to K-Ci and JoJo's ''All My Life.'' Ah, memories... —Jen

I'm not sure I can love South Park and Phil Collins (pictured) at the same time, but my pick is ''Against All Odds'' and I'll stand by it forever. Awesome, awesome song. —flapdragon

Phil Collins' ''One More Night'' and Jeffrey Osbourne's ''We're Going All The Way.'' Okay, I know these are both REALLY lame, and I list 'em both for the same reason (and it isn't a ''love thang,'' either): Both of them were popular back in 1985, and both were used by CBS during that year's NCAA Tournament coverage, when they would montage each night's highlights (remember, ESPN was only 4 years old then!). That year, my alma mater, Villanova, won the title. So every time I hear these songs, I flash back to that fun stretch of March 1985. —Nova Fan

As much as I hate the Goo-Goo Dolls, I have a soft spot for ''Iris,'' from that terrible Meg Ryan movie which also brought the song ''Angel'' by Sarah McLachlan. Curse you, City of Angels! —marilinda

So I'm coming to this ridiculously late and no one will read this, but COME ON! No one mentioned Wilson Phillips? Gotta love me some ''Hold On,'' ''You're in Love,'' and even that Christmas song ''Hey Santa.'' Those harmonies get me every time. —danny

''Right Here Waiting'' by Richard Marx is the best cheesy ballad in the history of cheesy ballads. And that Aquanet hair? Timeless. —Matthew M. F. Miller

''Love Bites,'' ''The Flame,'' ''Every Rose Has Its Thorn''... oh hell, just about any hair band power ballad. —Stacey

Any Scorpions ballad from the '80s. Oh, German lite metal, how I love you... —Laurie

''Take My Breath Away,'' by Berlin. It's the quintessential '80s movie love theme. I can't help being caught up in its cinematic, melodramatic brilliance. —claudenorth

''Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now'' by Starship. I LOVED the movie Mannequin, and this song playing at the end filled me with joy every time. When this cheesefest comes on the radio, I crank it up and relive the wonder that was Mannequin. —Rachel

''More Than Words'' by Extreme!!! —mykietown

Hey, what about Bruce Hornsby? Not exactly cheesy overall, but ''Mandolin Rain'' got some flak for its dairy content.... —Royale With Cheese

I'm thoroughly mortified to be admitting this, but I still listen to NKOTB's ''Please Don't Go Girl'' on occasion. And suddenly I'm drowning in a sea of cheddar. —K

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