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Watch Cristiano Ronaldo flop around in a pool, and sing along to Sade, and do some other stuff too.

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He’s hot if you look at him straight on, but he has the nastiest profile ever.

So some Portuguese program recently devoted an hour to Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s like an interview mixed with “Cribs”. It’s looooooong, so I’ll type the highlights under each section.

00:08 - This is actually really cute: After the reporter goes on about how amazing CR is, CR pops up out of the pool in the background and says, “Incredible, me?”

01:46 - He sings along to Sade’s “By Your Side”.
CR: “You’re going to like this little song.”
Daniel (interviewer): “Romantic music...”
CR: “Of course. You know I’m also human. Don’t you like this music, Daniel?”

04:39 - He complains about what tabloids print about him: “90% of things which are said are unfounded. They don’t know the true Cristiano Ronaldo, and that leaves me sometimes...it used to make me very sad sometimes.” Aw...

05:33 - For nearly a minute and a half there is no dialogue...just music over shots of CR smiling while swimming around in a pool, and standing under the shower, and then sitting in a hot tub.

07:03 - CR gets into bed.
Daniel: “Do you dream?”
CR (smirking and laughing): “Yes, I dream. I have good dreams. I have dream which are very ‘top’.”

09:33 - He says he likes horror and action movies...and romances.
Daniel: “You are a romantic!”
CR: “Yes, I am. Every man has to have their romantic side, Daniel.”

Boring vid. He basically shows off his trophy room.

04:41 - CR shows off his bedroom. His bed has black velvet pillows, with his initials spelled out in sequins on them.

05:58 - He lays on a chaise and goes on about how he has started reading more in the past couple years, saying he likes books because...”I always learn new things from a book.” (He seems like such a mimbo.)

07:12 - Still in the bedroom: “And an interesting thing I haven’t mentioned yet. It’s an angel who is watching over me. I like angels.” Then he picks up the tackiest shit I’ve ever seen...looks like a plaster cherub covered in aluminum foil.

Another boring one.

00:55 - “I don’t know what I was thinking when I had my hair in braids.” (Does anyone have pics of this?!)

01:42 - Cristiano Ronaldo in a commerical...as a genie. What?

1) Kickette
2) http://www.ronny7.com/archives/240

***Euro 2008 kicks off in a couple days. Who are you supporting? (GERMANY FTW, who’s with me?)***
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