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Emo Kids: We're Not Suicidal, Just have Questionable Tastes In Music

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Nearly 100 fans of emo band My Chemical Romance gathered at London's Marble Arch on Saturday draped in black and other goth-wear and bearing signs that read, "We're Not a Cult" and "MCR Saves Lives."

The protest was in response to a series of articles published in Britain's Daily Mail following the suicide of a 13-year-old My Chemical Romance fan in Scotland named Hannah Bond.

Emo kids took particular offense to a Mail article with the headline "Why no child is safe from the sinister cult of emo" that tied rising numbers of British youth self-harming to the emo movement.

Bond's parents say they noticed scarring on their daughter's wrists weeks before she took her own life. When they quizzed their daughter about the injuries, she said it was part of an emo "initiation ceremony." The piece also notes the coiffing dangers of the emo movement: "Hair is all-important: often dyed black and straightened, it is worn in a long fringe brushed to one side of the face."

The protest was organized via the website What the Frank. The site advised emo kids on "How To Not Get Arrested" and advised them to "try to keep the noise down" during the protest. So, not surprisingly, it was a pretty tame event. "It's a waste of time, there's no one here today," one security guard at the event noted, "Look at them—they're eating their lunch and their mums are off shopping."

Also in the fray at Saturday's protest were a handful of masked members of anti-Scientology group Anonymous, who would seem to also be against the "emo cult," though Anonymous's MySpace page makes no mention of the larger group taking a stand against emo.

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OMG! Thank you, for making this post epic!! I love you guys!!

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