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Chicks, Man

Joel McHale talks Tyra and more with the Onion AV Club

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AVC: You joke about E! giving you notes and neutering jokes, but do you get much feedback from the network?

JM: You know what's great about E!—and we kid them all the time—they have been incredibly liberal and good to us. They let us say a lot of stuff. If we piss someone off on the network, they usually don't go, "Hey, they don't say that." They go, "Hey, can you lay off a week? Just don't make fun of Hef this week—he's a little pissed." Why? Because we called him an aging grandpa who's having sex with his granddaughters? You know, that sort of thing. I would say most networks have some false sense of pride. It's just been tremendous that they've been so good to us. They've been able to take a joke. We go after Ryan [Seacrest] all the time, and Ryan is a great sport. He plays clips, that cute little elf munchkin, on his radio show. He's really good to us as well. It's people like Tyra who don't get it and don't like us.

AVC: You don't get a lot of blowback though, do you?

JM: She's the only one that tries to stop us. She's been it. We've heard other people who haven't been exactly happy with us, but then we get other people who are like, "That was great, how you made fun of me!" And I'm like, "Thank you, great! You're welcome."

Read it all at the source.

Anybody got the link to him on Ferguson last night yet?:
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