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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
Feast your EYES on dis.............

Feast your EYES on dis............. For all the fans thats been showing love.... Dis is not for you...... This goes out to all you hating cock-blocking muthafuckas that is constantly hating the Queen!!!!!!! The BUCK stops here......Im bout to expose you BITCHES!!!!!! Yall know I need my own show.... Cuz everyone wants to know what the Queen has to say!!!!!!! Wanna hear, hear it goes..................

Who is in the hot seat this week????? Dem Fuck Niggas, Radio stations, BET and all the muthafuckas trying to cock-block the Queen!!! I know a lot of yall bitches are mad because you put up walls and tried to block me and stop me but I’m still running along side yall ass… Independently without you!!! Guess what bitches?????? I got the mic now…… And everybody wants to hear what the Queen has to say!!!!

Yall wanna know why yall aint been hearing the Queen on the radio or seeing the Queen on the videos?? Hell………. I wanna know why too!!! They playing everybody else shit and I don’t nann bitch have as many hits as the Queen!!! Mother’s Day just passed by… Why we didn’t hear… You’re My Girl??? People requested it!!!! Just like they been requesting Be YO Lady and yall hating ass bitches just been refusing to play it!!! C’mon now what’s really going on???? Steve……Are you still mad because I missed our date, a date I knew nothing about??? Are you mad cuz you didn’t get any kudos off of me and you had to sit at the Grammy Awards alone???? You been the muthafucka dats been blocking all along!!!! How dare you try the Queen??? If Wendy can get it, he can get it too!!! With his Sissified ass!!!!! BITCH!!!! Are you mad cuz I DON’T Wanna Be Yo Lady or Have Yo Baby??? Dis pussy is allllllllllll WEEZY’S!!!!! 50 cent told me bout you!!! You don’t want me to call Debra Lee…Cuz I am sure Bob Johnson wouldn’t have approved this type of behavior??? Would he?

See this is the shit I have been talking about… Muthafuckas being emotional and not keeping things professional!!!!! Yall don’t wanna play my shit because I am keeping it real and telling the truth?????? Yall mad cuz I am NOT in the ass kissing business??????? People wanna hear Nasti Muzik!!!!!! We sick of hearing dese hoes whining all day!!!!!! You bitches supposed to keep it professional and play what the people wanna hear!!!!! Not try to persuade the listeners otherwise by hating. Now see…. All you wanna be gangsta rappers and junior deputies… These are the bitches you ought to be shooting and doing 8 years for!!! Then you wouldn’t been crying in court….And your man wouldn’t had to been sneaking you no key cuz it would have been justified!!! Dese are the muthafuckas that you should’ve had the silencers and grenades to throw at…. TI! Ricky-Ticky-Timbo-No-Surrender!!!

Cuz yall bitches gonna get fucked up playing with what is destined for me!!! I am glad I did all my time, anger management classes and community service…Before I got in the rap game…. Cuz now I know betta.!!!! Cuz back in the day I would’ve been done fucked a bitch up by now!!! Yesssss!! You see… Now I know what’s for me… Is for me… Yall cant block me or stop me!!!! Cuz its already done!!!!!!

Yall muthafuckas been doing dis bullshit for 5 muthafucking years… Got dese delayed muthafukas brain-washed, thinking I’m a 1 Hit Wonder… Ohhhhhhh yall aint know yall is like robots programmed to like songs cuz yall being hearing dat same weak ass shit all day??? Yall aint ask…..Why aint no real niggas on da radio????? C’mon now…Let’s not be delayed!!!! And Im siccck of it!!!!

I don’t give a damn if I don’t get no radio play after this. Hell…… I aint been getting none no way and Im still shining!!!!!Don’t get me wrong… Much love to the radio stations that have been showing love. For the rest of you bitches who don’t….. Fuck you!!!! Yall the bitches that refuse to play Gangstress, refused to promote Gangstress. Yall the same muthafuckas that’s refusing to play Nasti Muzik and Be Yo Lady video! Again, I thought that your companies were supposed to play music and videos that people wanna see??? Yall bitches full of shit!!!!!

See….. I’m the Queen that has power!!!!!!!! Yall bitches gone RESPECT ME!!!!!! Paid my dues off in dese streets……..Muthafucka Respect Me…..Act a fool off in dese streets….. Muthafucka Respect Me… You got’s to R-E-S-P-E-C-T …RESPECT ME!!!!! Did I spell it right this time????? LOL!!!!!

TEAM KHIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! It is time to get into formation……Stand up and represent for the queen!!!!! Yall know I have been giving yall nothing but the hits but its funny how you are not hearing me on the radio or on the TV!!!! Yall know I have been giving yall nothing but the hits but its funny how you are not hearing me on the radio or on the TV!!!!

Yall on the computer and in the chat-room all damn day……Reading my blogs…Call the radio station and BET…

Yall wanna see me too…Haterz !!!!!Yall steady talking shit….. if you not a fan stay the fuck off my page!!!! I got to dress up like a drag queen for you to love me???? Or do yall suggests that I bobble on dicks like Trina and the rest of those sluts to get on TV and my music played on the radio???? NOT!!!!!!! Renting dicks and getting dey shit repossessed……Chile Boo!!!!!! The jokes on you!!!!!! Nasti Muzik 08

Be sure to request Be Yo Lady and Lollipop Remix at your local clubs and radio stations!!! Nasti Muzik July 08!!! Carter 3 in 7 more days!!! Hmmm…. My baby did dat!!!!!! Nasti Muzik 08!!! If they don’t play it……Change the station!!!!!

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