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David Archuleta Concert Canceled Due To American Idol Red Tape

Written by: Doug G. Ware
Email: dware@kutv2.com
Last Update: 8:45 pm

SALT LAKE CITY - It was a good idea, but apparently organizers just didn't go through proper channels.

Earlier Tuesday, 2News revealed that Murray resident and American Idol runner-up David Archuleta would perform at a "thank you" concert on Friday night at the E Center -- as a token of gratitude for his Utah fans.

Tickets would be sold this week, and the proceeds would go to charity.  But as good as that sounds, it apparently didn't mesh with the corporate heads.

Tuesday afternoon, Archuleta's agent -- Roger Widynowski -- said there would be no concert due to contractural obligations between the 17-year-old and American Idol.

On Saturday, Archuleta and several other Idol contestants will begin touring the country as part of the reality show's official summer concerts.

Widynowski did not go into detail as to why Archuleta could not perform at the E Center -- but just said that the Murray High School student simply could not appear at the non-American Idol sanctioned event.

Widynowski said the "thank you" concert would instead be postponed to a later date, which was not set.  However, the agent said it would have to wait until the American Idol tour concludes.

Archuleta's father, Jeff, told 2News on Tuesday morning that his son is currently on vacation trying to get some rest.  But he gave no indication that there was an issue with Friday's concert -- possibly because he didn't know of any.

Archuleta will, however, perform in Salt Lake City on July 14 when the American Idol tour comes to Utah.

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