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Radiohead @ Bonnaroo

The legendary performance that Radiohead gave at 2006's Bonnaroo Music Festival has since been regarded as one of the best shows at a festival, ever. Even the band will agree that the 28 song set was epic. We've been hearing rumors ever since that a DVD of the performance would be released, and while that hasn't happened yet, fans will be able to get a taste of that evening thanks to Fuse TV.

As a precursor to Fuse's live coverage of Bonnaroo 2008, the channel will be airing footage from Radiohead’006 performance as part of it’s "Best of Bonnaroo: Volume I" special starting the weekend of Friday, June 13th.

Specific airtimes have yet to be announced, but more information will be posted soon at Fuse's Bonnaroo page:

this was the set list btw:

The Setlist
01 "There There"
02 "2+2=5"
03 "15 Step"
04 "Arpeggi"
05 "Exit Music"
06 "Kid A"
07 "Dollars And Cents"
08 "Videotape"
09 "No Surprises"
10 "Paranoid Android"
11 "The Gloaming"
12 "The National Anthem"
13 "Climbing Up The Walls"
14 "Big Ideas"
15 "Street Spirit"
16 "The Bends"
17 "Myxomytosis"
18 "How To Disappear Completely"

Encore 1:
19 "You And Whose Army?"
20 "Pyramid Song"
21 "Like Spinning Plates"
22 "Fake Plastic Trees"
23 "Bodysnatchers"
24 "Lucky"
25 "Idioteque"
26 "Karma Police"

Encore 2:
27 "House Of Cards"
28 "Everything In Its Right Place"

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