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breathe her deep and smile

mandy moore/georges st. pierre (ufc) dating??

the sun and the sherdog savage dog show are reporting that mandy moore is dating ufc champion georges st. pierre:

gsp is on the left, the bald one; the hottie to his right is roger huerta, also an mma fighter

Mandy Moore dating GSP?


Published: 06 May 2008

WELTERWEIGHT champion Georges St Pierre is reportedly dating American singer Mandy Moore.

According to Star Magazine, Moore, 24, has a huge crush on French-Canadian fighter St Pierre, 26, after watching the grappler compete in the Octagon.

Singer turned actress Moore attended UFC 83 in Montreal, Canada, and saw St Pierre re-capture the UFC gold from American fighter Matt Serra.

One onlooker at the event said: "She was going crazy as Georges was beating his opponent. She was jumping up and down and having a great time."

The source revealed the pair met up after the event and it is not th first time the two have been seen in each other's company.

The insider added: ""Georges was overheard saying that he would love to date her!"

supposedly they have both admitted to crushes on each other quite some time ago, here is an article about her liking him. she has been to multiple ufcs and once, joe rogan or mike goldberg, idk which, one of the commentators, called her a groupie on air.

here is a thread on it from sherdog's mma forums. (it's 13pg long, if anyone doubts the ability of men to be gossipy morons.)

source the sun and my mma obssessed friend josh :)

personally, i used to be a huge gsp fan. now i like huerta better. moving on. i think mandy/gsp is seriously adorable, and he is a huge improvement over ryan adams. blegh.
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