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Nicole Richie on her jewelry line 'House of Harlow' and more!

Nicole Richie thinks there's nothing cuter than a little boy dressed in a suit. I know this because she told me. Well, it is pretty cute. We snuck Richie away at a recent fundraiser event to talk charity, fashion, and her evolving brand House of Harlow. This happened the night after the Chanel party, so as you can see, Fab was on a celebrity binge. I think I got my fix after an intimate chat with the funny and laid-back Richie at the Cusp Boutique in LA.

Nicole partnered up with Signorelli to create T-shirts benefiting The Children's Health Fund. She proudly announced raising $400,000! She was wearing the black tank with Angel motif — stay tuned to enter to win the tank Nicole was wearing that benefits the Fund. But first, a few Fab words . . .

What brings you here?

We’re partnering up with Signorelli to raise money for the Children’s Health Fund. Just in Los Angeles, there are 500,000 children without health care and by selling the T-shirts a large amount of the proceeds are helping to fund building for mobile units. So the mobile units can go around and provide immediate health care.

Did you have any say in the design of the shirts?

I didn’t but they sent me options and I went with the black tank, I wear a lot of black.

Can we talk about your jewelry line that’s in the works?

Yes. It’s called House of Harlow and it’s actually the beginning of a brand that I’m developing of children’s apparel and also a clothing line, shoes, bags, sunglasses, everything. I’m really excited. The jewelry is first and it will be out in late August.

Can you tell us about the children’s collection?

I’m at the very beginning stages but I’m designing adult clothes for babies. The girl’s clothes are designed after my personal clothing and the guy’s clothes are going to be designed after Joel’s.

So it’s going to be like a mini-me sort of thing.

Yes, exactly. So little hippie dresses for girls and sleeveless tops and suits for boys. I think there’s nothing cuter than a little boy dressed in a suit.

And what else are you wearing?

I think the jacket is Stella McCartney — is it? — the pants are Balenciaga, and Loubs. (And she was carrying her black Balenciaga motorcycle bag – with iPod headphones falling out).

How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t know how to answer that! I really don’t know, I feel like I wear the same thing every day. I just accessorize differently and wear whatever I’m comfortable in. Like, when I’m with the baby I wear flats and when I’m not I wear heels. It just depends on what mood I’m in.

How has your style evolved?

I still like to dress up. I think every girl, whether you’re 13 or in your twenties, should always try new things. I mean, I’ve had my hair pink and brown and blonde and I think it’s all about trying new things; I’m really open to new looks. I love fashion so much that I definitely want to take it to the next level and I’m really excited about it all.

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