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Clint Eastwood to attend the L.A. premiere of "Clint Eastwood: A Life in Film", June 5th

Thursday, June 5 - 7:30 PM

Clint Eastwood In Person! Double Feature

Los Angeles Premiere! CLINT EASTWOOD: A LIFE IN FILM, 2007, 81 min. Dir. Michael Henry Wilson.
Using the post-production of Eastwood's World War II diptych as his springboard, Wilson engaged the notoriously reticent director in a surprisingly easygoing and intimate dialogue. Never before has Eastwood recounted his personal odyssey with such passion. In attempting to capture the essence of a great filmmaker, this simple, thoughtful portrait illuminates his human side as well as his untamed creativity.

THE BEGUILED, 1971, Universal, 105 min.
Don Siegel (DIRTY HARRY) directed this hypnotic American Gothic of a wounded Yankee soldier (Clint Eastwood) holed up in a rural finishing school of sexually frustrated Southern belles during the Civil War. Eastwood’s complex, double-edged performance is one of his greatest. Geraldine Page is the tragically repressed schoolmistress who finds herself falling for her "prisoner," and Elizabeth Hartman is the delicate flower who might just end up being Eastwood’s salvation. Critics were initially divided on the film, but its reputation has grown steadily, many now believing it to be one of Siegel and Eastwood’s best. With Jo Ann Harris, Mae Mercer. "Combining the conventions of both western and Grand Guignol chiller, and often directed as if it were an art movie, this is one of Siegel and Eastwood's strangest - and most beguiling - collaborations." – Time Out.

Discussion in between films with Clint Eastwood and film historian and filmmaker Michael Henry Wilson.



... Director Blake Edwards will attend screenings of his movies, "WHAT DID YOU DO IN THE WAR, DADDY?" and "A SHOT IN THE DARK," at the Aero on June 4th

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