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Prince William Sets A Record: PRINCE WILLIAM made history Thursday, as he graduated from Scotland's Saint Andrew's University and accepted the highest-level degree ever achieved by a member of the British royal family. The handsome 23-year-old son of PRINCE CHARLES and the late PRINCESS DIANA received the second-highest degree available in the country's undergraduate system. Among family members attending Thursday's ceremony were the Prince's grandmother, QUEEN ELIZABETH II, and his father, who holds a slightly lower-level academic degree. Prince William will spend the summer traveling and is reportedly considering a future at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, where his younger brother PRINCE HARRY is a student. SOURCE

Brad Pitt's Paramount Plan: BRAD PITT is a man with a plan ... and now Paramount Pictures has scored a deal to get first dibs on all of Pitt's potential projects. The studio has entered a three-year agreement to get a first-look at flicks being developed by Pitt's Plan B production company. The new contract rekindles the partnership between Pitt and Paramount Pictures CEO BRAD GREY. Pitt, Grey and JENNIFER ANISTON were the original founders of Plan B, the production house behind big-screen endeavors like the upcoming 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' which opens in theaters on July 15. SOURCE

Full-Contact Spin the Bottle: You probably heard about Leonardo DiCaprio's run-in with an irate partygoer at a Hollywood bash, which sent him to hospital for 12 stitches upside the head. Now, that's a bash with a capital B. Leo's reps insist the woman who struck Leo with a beer bottle was a party crasher looking for an ex. But someone on the scene tells Star that just before the swinger cut loose with her suds, she had a shocked look on her face and reportedly said to Leo, "Why don't you just keep your d--k in your pants!" Maybe it's just an ugly rumor. Still, Mr. Big Scar, um, Star is not pressing charges. SOURCE

Take It to a Higher Court: In what has to be one of the most highly dubiostic court fights of all time, Us reports that David Blaine is being sued by some dude from Minnesota, who claims the magician stole his "godly powers" to perform magic tricks. Watch us make this case disappear with our magical cross-examination. Hey, Minnesota boy, how do you prove you had these godly powers in the first place? How do you prove Blaine has them now? (I mean, have you seen his act?) And can godly powers even be owned by mere mortals such as yourself? We expect he'll want to appeal to a higher court or maybe a higher power. But we're guessing the only way he has a chance is if the judge is high. SOURCE

Also, I have a question that hopefully someone in here can answer: Who are the Gorillaz? I thought they were always drawn as cartoons so no one knew who they really were, but in the new video, there's a guy shown on a bunch of tv screens. The song doesn't say it's featuring anybody, so he must be a member of the group. THANK YOU!
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