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Yes, another post about the SATC ladies

The Sex and the City movie may be out, but I will never get enough of these bitches.

Kristin Davis Launching Clothing Line

Kristin Davis is following in Sarah Jessica Parker's footsteps and launching her own line of clothing, shoes and accessories. Davis is teaming up with fashion giant Belk to launch "The Kristin Davis Collection," which will hits stores this autumn.

The line will feature both casual and evening wear, as well as shoes, handbags, and jewelry for the "modern, feminine" and "style-savvy" shopper.

McKay Belk, president and chief merchandising officer of Belk, Inc., says, "We're thrilled with our association with Kristin Davis and look forward to unveiling this exciting new line for Belk customers this fall.

"Kristin is a great fit for Belk. She grew up shopping in our stores and is in tune with the fashion sensibility of our customer base. We think they'll love the modern fashion looks of the Kristin Davis brand. It's designed to capture Kristin's look and personality and to provide cutting-edge fashion assortments that customers won't find in any other store."

Kim Cattrall at Hamptons Magazine's 30th Celebration Anniversary

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