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Lost, Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, One Tree Hill spoilers

Sabrina in Detroit: Will Oprah guest on 30 Rock next season?
I'm hearing NBC is trying to make it happen! How much would that rule?! Jane Krakowski had this to say: "It’d be pretty cool if Oprah shows up as Liz's best friend. What’s going to happen to Gayle then? Wait, I’m her best friend on the show. What’s going to happen to me?!" I don't know, but for the record, Jane, I will totally BFF you!

David in Tampa, Fla.: Do you have any early scoop for next season on Smallville?
Yep! It's not easy being green, but apparently it pays to be Green Arrow. My sources tell me that Justin Hartley will be back on Smallville as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen for the majority of the season. Me = tickled pink. Love that guy.

Janet in R.I.: Anything new to report on Harold Perrineau’s death on Lost? I was so sad to see him go!
You and me both, babe. But the good news is that Harold is set to star in a dramedey on ABC (he was cast in the pilot The Unusuals), which is music to my ears. If you’ve seen much of H.P. in real life, you know he is (a) hilarious, (b) funny and (a) did I mention the funny? And of course, he can act his ass off. Personally, I never felt like poor, unlikable Mikey-poo did him much justice, so a fresh start where he can flaunt his comedy chops sounds good all around to me. Just my opinion! If you disagree, let mama have it in the comments below...


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