Paul (triggered) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Michael Lohan's Blog Update

Episode 2: "Burning Down the House," June 1, 2008.

Although I continue to have second thoughts about this blog, I am going to keep my word with OK!. And I'll continue to do so in a respectful way.

To which, I thank, Mr. T, Mr. L, my attorney and friends for their advice.

I will however call it as I see it and speak from my heart, because "the truth", (which in essence is God) is what matters and I don't see a lot of it in this show.

What continues to frustrate me is the deception and hypocrisy. As a matter of fact, just this past week there were reports that Lindsay went to the hospital. My question is, if Dina is soooo worried about FALSE tabloid reports, why is it that her own camp lied about Lindsay being in the hospital to visit a friend, when truthfully, she had an asthma attack?

Is it so bad to say that Lindsay did have an asthma attack?Why not just be HONEST and not lie?

[Ed. Note: It was Lindsay's rep who initially said that the actress was visiting a friend. When OK! spoke to Dina last Friday night, she admitted that her daughter had suffered an asthma attack]

The frustration continues when I see my children surrounded by such unscrupulous people, who would rather party with Dina at a Boulevard Magazine party for Dina as "supermom" (that took place last year), than advise her race immediately home.

Does ego fit in here? To make matters worse, her brain surgeon of a wannabe bodyguard asks, "What the hell are they tawkin' bout?" — Like he can't make sense that the house was on fire!!!!!

Is this how a "bear protects its cubs?"

Frankly, I would have driven or even flown immediately home, as we did on numerous occasions when the kids needed us!

As a matter of fact, while I was attending a Christening this weekend in Rockville Center, NY, I got a call that a guy who I had just gotten into rehab had left and was on his way to LaGuardia aiport.

Without question, Erin and I went to LaGuardia and stopped him from leaving. We bought him all new clothes, since he'd lost his, and by the grace of God and with the help of Southampton Mayor, Mark Epley — who is also the Director of Seafield Center in Westhampton — we were able to get this guy immediately place at his facility. This was for a stranger, so how much more should we do for our own children?!

On a more positive note, I have to say, the mask scene wasn't only suiting, but quite amusing, especially since everyone seems to be wearing one in one way or the other. And although Nana "Sullivan" puts one on, I am waiting for the others to take theirs off!

Speaking of masks, maybe next time Matt Sullivan or Paul Sullivan will appear and reveal themselves!

Until then, or next time, I will continue to hold back on the reins with hope of seeing some daylight.



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