i dont need to diet , i have photoshop (boo_xo) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
i dont need to diet , i have photoshop

shes backkkk!


This is the second time in two weeks that Shauna Sand has been photographed without wearing her exquisite lucite heels. How is she able to stand without her lucite beauties? You would think her feet would reject anything that wasn't made out of the finest stripper crystal aka lucite.

Those black things on her feet are trash! They belong on commoners like Posh Spice or Kim Kardashian. Shauna only deserves the best.

Even worse, Shauna wore them to the Chanel store yesterday. Double betrayal! Did Shauna not get the memo that we're boycotting Chanel for what they did to Phoebe Price? I can forgive Shauna for her Chanel mishap as long she puts her exquisite lucite heels back on and never takes them off again!

for those who dont know she was a playboy model ! and shes possibly getting a reality show and the fine piece of meat is her husband!

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