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Pink Floyd shunned by Glastonbury

Wish you were there, Floyd

Pink Floyd

PICTURE the scene – a sweltering midsummer night in Somerset.

One hundred thousand smiling punters gripped by communal euphoria as Dark Side Of The Moon, one of the greatest British albums ever, is performed by one of its creators during a headline slot on the Pyramid stage.

Sounds like the recipe for a pretty perfect Glastonbury moment, doesn’t it?

Well, not if you’re organiser MICHAEL EAVIS, it doesn’t.

The dairy farmer has nixed the chance of that happening later this month after rejecting an offer from PINK FLOYD frontman DAVID GILMOUR to play at the bash.

It truly beggars belief.

The silver-haired prog lord personally contacted the Glasto kingpin to offer his services for the event from June 27 to 29 only to be told he was surplus to requirements.

No disrespect to THE VERVE, but their classy Britrock is no match for the might of the Floyd. KINGS OF LEON’s muddy swamp blues doesn’t even come close.

And JAY-Z’s hip hop couldn’t hope to replicate the awesome atmosphere of hearing Wish You Were Here pumped out across a field late at night at a deafening volume either.

It’s a titanic mistake from Eavis.

My spy tells me: “Dave has always had a soft spot for Glastonbury. He’s got a window in his touring plans and thought he’d contact Michael about performing.

“And while Michael was grateful for the offer he turned it down. He wants the event to appeal to a younger generation and feels that Dave wouldn’t.”

Eavis is attempting to get a new generation interested in Glastonbury.

But his scheme has backfired. This year’s lineup has led to the fest not selling out, something unthinkable over the event’s recent history.

He’s dangerously out of touch with a public – youngsters and all – who would have delighted in some Floyd action.

The prog pioneers were scheduled to play the very first Glastonbury Fayre in 1970 but missed their slot because they couldn’t get their kit on to the Pyramid stage.

Gilmour’s Floyd bandmate ROGER WATERS returned to the scene in 2002 and was warmly received.

He had walked away from the rockers in the early Eighties after the release of another of their landmark records – The Wall.

The pair were then involved in a bitter legal battle for years over who had the right to use the band’s name as the original members continued touring and recording without him into the mid-Nineties.

The multi-million-selling outfit regrouped for the first time in 24 years when they played Live 8 in 2005.

Michael, it’s not too late to reconsider.

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