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My bb Tilda's relationship Venn Diagram (Your Monthly Tilda Post)

THE partner of Oscar winner Tilda Swinton has told how he is seeing another woman - with his wife's approval.

Michael Clayton star Tilda "shares" writer John Byrne with Jeanine Davies - and the trio have even met at the celebrity couple's home

John's revelation is the latest twist to his bizarre relationship with Tilda, 47, who openly travels the world her toyboy lover, German painter Sandro Kopp, 29.

She and John still live happily with their 10-year-old twins in Nairn.

John, 68, the man behind Your Cheatin' Heart and Tutti Frutti, told us of his two-year relationship with theatre lighting director Jeanine, 42.

The writer said: "I can say that Jeanine and I have been in a relationship for almost the past two years.

"We have not hidden away and Jeanine is very much part of my life.

"Tilda knows all about it and is more than happy with the situation. It's all very relaxed and very amicable. She has Sandro and the arrangement works very well."


He said that despite his friendship with Jeanine, he and Tilda are still very much a couple.

He added: "We have certainly not split up. We are still together. There is so much love there, I wish I could explain it.

"We love our children and our children love us, they are very accepting.

"But it is not an open relationship - that would imply we both had lots of partners which is certainly not the case.

"Jeanine and I are in love. She deals with the situation but she is a very private person so I don't want to say more than that.

"Tilda and I are still together, which I know will confuse people. But the dynamic of every relationship is different."

John, originally from Paisley, added his affair with Jeanine is an "open secret".

She works in Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre - where John first met Tilda in 1985.

He said: "We have not hidden away, as we aren't doing anything wrong.

"Jeanine has met my children as well as Tilda. I wouldn't say we all socialised together but she has met Sandro and we have all been under one roof together.

"Sandro does travel with Tilda but he lives in Germany and is away a lot of the time so the situation does work.

"It is a very civilised arrangement and I know some people will struggle to understand it but it works for us. There is nothing nefarious about it.

"I understand people will be curious, but it's really our business. Everyone is happy and it works."

When Tilda's relationship with Kopp was first revealed, Byrne was said to have been left at home with twins Xavier and Honor.

John, also a respected artist, divides his time between Jeanine's flat in Edinburgh's Bruntsfield and the family home.

Jeanine worked on his latest play, Nova Scotia, at the Traverse and escorted the playwright to the opening and closing nights.

A respected figure in the theatre, she was nominated for the Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland in 2006 for best design for her work on the play The Unconquered, staged at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews, Fife. John, who is working on a stage musical with the brother of Baker Street singer Gerry Rafferty, added: "Tilda is away filming abroad at the moment but she is aware of everything.

"I don't see any reason why the arrangement won't go on as it has into the future."

When Tilda's unconventional home life first emerged, she said the arrangement was open, amicable and "just so sane".

Tilda, who picked up a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in legal thriller Michael Clayton, Tilda, comes from an upper-class military family in Berwickshire. She met Kopp on the set of The Chronicles Of Narnia in New Zealand.

They have been together since 2004. Tilda said at the time: "What is true is that John and I live here (in Nairn) with our children.

Sandro is sometimes here with us and we travel the world together. We are all a family."

Asked if she was sharing her affections with both men, she added: "John and I have two children. We are together, very happily living in this house.

"Sandro and I travel the world together. What you must also know is that we are all very happy."

Nova Scotia is the fourth part of John's Slab Boys quartet and has attracted interest for its similarities to the playwright's own life.

In the play, Phil McCann is a bitter, ageing painter who is married to Didi, a much younger woman whose own artistic career is more successful than his.

Didi is having an affair with Corky, a young MTV cameraman.

But John insists he started work on the play long before his own tangled romance began.

In April, he said: "I think it's ludicrous that anyone should be remotely interested not just in me, but the situation. It's nobody's business. Now that people have the interest, let them get on with it.

"I'm not going to add to or subtract from it, I'm just going to leave it at that.

"People can make of it what they will because they don't necessarily give you the whole story in the papers.

"I don't wish to be part of a soap opera."

Tilda and John met in 1985 at Edinburgh's Traverse theatre and he wrote a part for her in the BBC series Your Cheatin' Heart.

In 1990, he left his wife and daughter to move in with Tilda.

Jeanine and John

Tilda and Sandro (not in same photo, but they didn't have one with this article)

Pix Source
'Jeanine and I are in love...Tilda and I have certainly not split up.We are still together.There is so much love there. But it is not an open relationship - that would imply we both had lots of partners which is certainly not the case'



Honestly, I think Sandro is a significant upgrade for Tilda and respect her desire to stay together with the father of her kids, even if it is a non-traditional arrangement.

This post brought to you by Tilda's reading of the Raw Shark Texts (which isn't as completely pretentious as this snippet seems.)




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