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Audience walks during 'Postal' screening

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HOBOKEN -- About 200 people were present Friday night at the start of the free screening of Uwe Boll's "Postal" at Pier A Park, but three-quarters walked away long before the closing credits.

Mat Levy -- who had his 15 minutes of fame as "Cheezy" on season two of VH1's celebrity dating show "I Love New York" -- was one of those who found the movie in bad taste.

The last straw for Levy was a scene in which two terrorists hijack a plane in a 9/11-style attack, but then decide to abandon the suicide mission and fly to the Bahamas instead -- only to wind up crashing into a building after the passengers storm the cockpit.

Mayor David Roberts, citing the same scene, refused to attend Friday night's premiere.

"I did not like Uwe Boll's perception of 9/11," Levy said. "It's too soon to mock a plane going into the World Trade Center. Do you not think there are families out there that had their loved ones killed on 9/11? It really upsets me that he couldn't care less.''

dave foley's in this stupid movie? bummer for him

now with source! sorry!

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