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Freema Agyeman to star in Survivors re-make

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Just weeks before the Daleks are scheduled to return to the BBC to wrap up the current season of Doctor Who, another sci-fi series conceived by their creator is returning to TV.

Terry Nation's Survivors originally ran from 1975 to 1977 while Nation was still writing the occasional Dalek script for Doctor Who. Set in the present day, the sci-fi drama was a predecessor to post-apocalyptic shows like Jericho. The program's titular characters lived in the aftermath of a devastating virus that wiped out their friends, families and most of the world's population.

The new series will run along those same lines and will include Doctor Who's Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones). Along with Torchwood, Survivors will be Ageyman's second sci-fi series roll since leaving full-time duty on Who.

It'll be a busy viewing season for the Terry Nation estate as another one of his sci-fi creations, Blake's 7, is also set to return to TV next season.

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