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Where funny people can have fun

John Barrowman looks at porn ... for science!

This week, John Barrowman made a quick unpublicized trip to Southern California. You might think he was there for the cock, but he came primarily to take part in a study at the Human Genetics Lab at UCLA.

The research was filmed by the BBC for an upcoming documentary themed around the scientific search for what makes people gay or straight. In the documentary, Barrowman's brain activity will be observed in an MRI machine while he looks at naked pictures of both sexes.

He'll also have his DNA examined and compared with that of straight men and other gay men.

The BBC also reportedly set up a meeting for him with his first high-school girlfriend and lets us eavesdrop as they catch up on old times. You can look forward to the 3-part documentary in August or later.

The source concludes with this cryptic remark:

"JB should be back in London by now, just in time to knock out another Nancy."

What the hell does that mean, British readers? Does he beat up transvestites, or what?


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