i dont need to diet , i have photoshop (boo_xo) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
i dont need to diet , i have photoshop

Shauna Sand reality show?


It took me like 10 times to count how many words made up "A Shauna Sand Reality Show." Hopefully, I got it right. If not, suck it anyway. So..... Shauna Sand was outside some joint with her daughters last night looking like mother of the year. This woman is consistent. Consistently glamorous! Since Shauna is putting out a shoe collection, she really needs to make exquisite lucite heels for young girls. I hurt when I see Shauna Sand's daughters wearing common chonklas and slip-ons.

Earlier in the day, Shauna was working her usual corner in Hollywood. No, she was getting some free crap at the Platinum Gifting Lounge at the W Hotel. Shauna showed up with her estranged husband, Romain Chavent. They were supposed to get divorced, but it looks like they fucked and made up. That's not even the good news. Shauna told the photographer that she's going to star in a reality show with her husband. The show will follow their journey of "falling back in love" together.

This sounds like the greatest television experience of all time. Shauna Sand, lucite heels, a hot French dude and a love story? Shauna better clear her mantle, because she's going to get an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Nobel Peace Prize, Peabody Award and AVN Award for this shit! Amazing.

this is her husband!

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